The current seat of the “G. Paisiello” Musical Institute is located in the Monastery of San Michele in the ancient village of Taranto. The history of the “Paisiello” began about ninety years ago, in 1927, in that of Taranto, when a small group of young musicians set up a private music school, consisting of only two classes (violin and piano). Subsequently, other classes will be added, those of singing, cello, viola, double bass, harmony and counterpoint, instrumentation for bands, woods, brass and complementary subjects.

In 1929, the school (in the meantime called Liceo Musicale “Giovanni Paisiello”) became “Provinciale” and went on with its own strength and with the help of the Province, the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce until 1 January 1945, the year in which the Provincial Administration of Taranto assumes direct management.



Director: M° Gabriele Maggi

Via Duomo, 276, 74123 Taranto TA

099 4706398