The research work of thematic area 3 aims to provide a fundamental contribution to the implementation of Urban Agendas, in the University and territorial context, through education for Sustainable Development not only in a theoretical but also in a practical way, through proposals for:

  • the implementation of the “Green Transport” system for students;
  • the implementation of Energy Saving policies in University buildings and Adisu residences;
  • the reorganization of Waste Management in Universities and Adisu residences.

The project is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: analysis of the assigned theme, declined in each of the different contexts of the five university cities involved, through the evaluation of strategies and actions undertaken at regional / territorial / university level.

Phase 2: processing of the results obtained from the analysis and identification of the strengths and weaknesses that emerged from the same. This phase involves the definition of a set of indicators based on those of sustainability defined at national / European level in order to evaluate the status quo, and the analysis of the trend over time of the indicators defined previously, in order to evaluate the effects of actions taken and current positioning.

Phase 3: proposals for overcoming the shortcomings found and for consolidating and innovating the strengths that have emerged, through the definition of tools, policies and actions.

Energy efficiency

use of renewable energy, energy efficiency of real estate, monitoring of energy consumption.

Sustainable mobility

public transport by road and rail, expansion of the cycle and cycle-pedestrian network, possible policies to promote electric mobility, intermodal transport.

Waste management, definition of targets for the quantitative reduction of waste, monitoring of the circularity of waste, composting for the enhancement of the organic fraction.