The HIT “Agri-food Puglia” was created to ensure, with continuity, the supply of higher technicians at the post-secondary level in relation to figures who address to the demand from the world of public and private work in relation to the Agri-food and agricultural sector.

Furthermore, among its missions, the HTI “Agri-food Puglia” was established to support the integration between education, training and work systems, with particular reference to the technical-professional centers referred to the Article 13, paragraph 2, of Law number 40/07, to spread the technical and scientific culture; support measures for innovation and technology transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises; disseminating technical and scientific culture and promoting the orientation of young people and their families towards technical professions; establish organic relationships with inter-professional funds for the continuous training of workers.



President: Prof. Vito Nicola Savino

S.C. 138 C.da Marangi n.26 70010 Locorotondo (Ba)